The Long Oblivion




The Long Oblivion

By Michael Pogach

In Tomorrow’s America, The Tower Terrorist is the New Enemy…

It’s two years since Rafael Ward walked into the Tower with a backpack full of explosives. Two years since he destroyed REC headquarters and became the most hated man in the Republic. He’s a fugitive, haunted by the lives he’s taken, trying to find anonymity in the remote towns of the Western Districts. He’s content to drink himself into oblivion.

Everything changes when a teenage girl named Sam recognizes him outside a liquor store. Now everyone is after Sam. The police want to arrest her. The REC want to black bag her. Even MacKenzie and her new allies will do anything to find out what she knows. Unwilling to have any more innocent blood on his hands, Ward tries to help Sam escape the country. To get her to safety, however, he may have to sacrifice MacKenzie’s rebellion. He may even have to sacrifice his soul.

“Another masterful dystopian thriller by Michael Pogach.” –C.T. Phipps, author of LUCIFER’S STAR

“Michael’s writing evokes the horror of an all too realistic future, drawing you in and leaving you shuddering in the corner, fearful of what’s to come.” –Tim Marquitz author of the DEMON SQUAD

“Dazzling authenticity of settings, breakneck pace, and unpredictable twists and turns.” –Amara Royce, author of NEVER TOO LATE, ALWAYS A STRANGER, and ONCE BELOVED

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