The Kill Squad


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The Kill Squad

By George Wolk

The voice on the telephone said just one word: “Warn …” But Twig Grey knew it could only mean one thing. His brother Jonathan was in deadly peril, and Twig would stop at nothing to go to his rescue … or to avenge his death.

Jonathan was more than a brother; he was Twig’s idol … even though he had once called Twig a coward. That had been one of the many times when Twig had refused to join the secret government agency Jonathan worked for—an agency whose main function was to kill people. Now Twig didn’t know whether he would have to work with that agency or against it; he only knew that killing was one of many things a man will do if he has to … and that bloodlust becomes a kind of sanity when there is no one else in the world a man can trust.

So Twig Grey followed a trail through deadly danger on two continents … to find the mysterious man called Wren … and to face a showdown in which he might have to kill the one thing he loved most!

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