The Keeper




The Keeper

By Meg O’Brien

Suddenly Brooke Hayes’s life is turned upside down. Again. For the past months she has fought to get it back together by overcoming her addictions, revitalizing her neglected stage career, and putting behind her the devastation left by her bitter divorce. She has also been a mother again to her nine-year-old daughter, Charly, whose upcoming visit has meant the world. Everything was fine.

Until the call.

Now nothing seems right. Brooke’s ex-husband, Nathan, insists that Charly is home with him, but a search of the house finds it empty. Then Nathan disappears. In fear of being accused herself—given her unstable past—Brooke enlists the help of the one man, perhaps the only man, who can help her: the Keeper. John Creed is a former police officer who has felt the fear Brooke now faces. His son disappeared years before, never to be seen again, leaving him a shattered man with a thirst for vengeance. With time running out, and the police one step behind them, Brooke and the Keeper—now hunted themselves—begin their desperate search for Charly, whose young life hangs in the balance, victim to the whims of a madman.

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