The Hunted




The Hunted

By Kathryn Ptacek

It is September 1975. Young Jessie Morrison just moved to the small town of Hunters Heights in northern New Jersey with her mother and stepfather and had a miserable eleventh birthday. She doesn’t like the town or the move from her southern home, and now that she’s a year older something strange is happening to her, something she can’t explain. Something that is beginning to frighten her — and anyone who comes to know of her secret. Something strange enough to bring together Wendy Wallace, Jessie’s compassionate neighbor, and Stefan Marek, a Czech journalist in the United States for the bicentennial celebrations and a survivor of the horrors of Auschwitz. Something is haunting Jessie, something no one understands — least of all Stefan and Wendy, the only people who can help her. Something dark that can be traced to the kindly Dr. Emerson Thorne, eminent pediatrician, and to the distant past that he and Marek — and Jessie — share. Something malevolent. Something that may prove deadly for Jessie, for Dr. Thorne, and for Stefan Marek. Time is running out for all of them.

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