The Homicidal Saint




The Homicidal Saint

By Richard S. Wheeler

A church potluck dinner. A sudden, shocking murder right after the pastor says grace. Joe Sonntag is a horrified witness, and swiftly arrests Manfred Wittstein, who claims his wife Freda killed their children, Matthew, Mark, Gerta, and Reuben. Thus begins an odd quest to learn why the killer shot Freda, and whether his wife had destroyed their children. It soon proves to be a case unlike any other Sonntag had tackled. The children are, indeed, missing. And no one can say what happened to them.

Lieutenant Sonntag heads the police investigations bureau in midcentury Milwaukee, a city of churches and taverns, great factories and orange streetcars and dark antagonisms

Joe Sonntag, and his best detective, Frank Silva, need to track down each of the missing children the killer, Manfred Wittstein, says his wife destroyed. It’s no easy task. Freda Wittstein, the dead wife, lived in a spooky world of her own far beyond the reach of law and public order.

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