The Highwayman




The Highwayman

By Matt Manochio

A murdered child predator surfaces in a New Jersey bog. Authorities in Pennsylvania and Ohio find more dead deviants days later as a vigilante weaves a trail of orchestrated slaughter through states along Route 80 to California.

FBI Special Agents Patti Moreland and Nick Redmond track Internet predators for a living. After a failed attempt on Redmond’s life, the FBI thinks one of his past collars pulled the trigger, but Moreland, a child-abuse survivor, believes otherwise. The young agent hacks his laptop and decrypts a sexually charged chat transcript between Redmond and a teenage girl logged hours before his shooting. Moreland learns of the murders in other states and sees a connection to her partner. She can’t fathom Redmond being like one of the men who scarred her life, and knows of only one way to disprove it: find the killer.

“The Highwayman by Matt Manochio is a quick-paced trek through the dark underbelly of every parent’s worst nightmare. Readers will quake, but they won’t be able to put it down. Before it’s over, they’ll find themselves questioning their notions of retribution and justice. Manochio is a writer to watch.” — Jim DeFelice, author of Leopards Kill

“This debut thriller is literate and chilling, a can’t-put-it-down combo of elegant prose and believable characters.” — Jane K. Cleland, Author of SILENT AUCTION

“A fascinating and spellbinding thriller complete with a gripping ending. Manochio gives his readers an exciting and highly readable foray into the sleazy world of on-line predators, their innocent victims, and the interplay of FBI agents and vigilantes seeking their own brand of retribution, He combiner a reporter’s eye for detail with a crime sleuth’s inquiry into the underworld of perversion. A must read for any true crime buff.” — James M. O’Kane, Ph.D, Author of: THE CROOKED LADDER: GANGSTERS, ETHNICITY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM

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