The Harry Stubbs Adventures, Volume One




The Harry Stubbs Adventures, Volume One

By David Hambling

Together in one volume, THE ELDER ICE and BROKEN MEATS, the first two books of The Harry Stubbs Adventures


A classic 1920s science fiction novella — with a 2015 twist. Ex-boxer Harry Stubbs is on the trail of a mysterious legacy in South London. A polar explorer has died, leaving huge debts and hints of a priceless find. Harry’s informants seem to be talking in riddles, he finds that isn’t the only one on the trail — and what he’s looking for is as lethal as it is valuable, leaving a trail of oddly-mutilated bodies. The key to the enigma lies in an ancient Arabian book, leading to something more alien and more horrifying than Harry could ever imagine. Harry is not be an educated man, but he has an open mind, bulldog persistence and piledriver fists — important assets when you’re boxing the darkest of shadows.

The story of mystery and horror draws on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and is inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s incredible real-life Antarctic adventures.


London, 1925: Harry Stubbs, former heavyweight boxer and sometime debt collector has been coerced into escorting — and spying on — an enigmatic visitor from Shanghai set on a secret mission of vengeance. Unspeakable horror stalks the midnight streets, science and magic are blended and séance goes terribly wrong. Harry finds himself in the middle of a battle between occult forces, facing the dark art of necromancy, with only his deductive powers and his formidable fists to save him. How can you fight an opponent who is already dead?

The Harry Stubbs adventures draw on local London history and the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft for an impeccable and unforgettable read.

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