The Guest of Honor




The Guest of Honor

By Irving Wallace

If he had been just another married man, and she a beautiful woman…it would have been just a passionate affair. But he was the president.

MATT UNDERWOOD — President of the United States, a man about to risk his office…and his life — for love.
ALICE UNDERWOOD — The First Lady, a former Miss America whose lies could kill an affair or cause a world crisis.
NOY SANG — Ruler of a small nation, a woman so lovely that a president could do the unthinkable…and the forbidden…to have her.
HY HASKEN — Investigative reporter, he was after the story of his career — illicit love, powerful alliances, and murder.
RAMAGE — CIA director, his covert operations might be in America’s interest…or they might be deadly games of power.

Once in a century a great — and dangerous — love can change the course of history. This was such a love.

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