The Dream Quest




The Dream Quest

By Don Paresi

According to Kastos the High Adventurer there was a legend that immortality could be attained if he sailed to the end of the world, where the gates of eternal life were rumored to exist. For many years Kastos desired to find this blessed realm and be graced with his ultimate dream?to never die.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that had been ravaged by weapons of mass destruction, a whole new generation of humanity managed to survive and formed a new civilization. People who banded together against the terrors of this broken planet. Many perils existed since the old war had ended. Mutant tribes of cannibals and hordes of the living dead were the most common, but there were other creatures and dangers Kastos would never expect to encounter. Due to the radiation and chemical afterburn a form of fusion magic came to the land, as well as concerned and vengeful visitors from the unknown, that some would call gods.

Here Kastos puts together a rag-tag crew of anyone willing to accompany him on this fantastique voyage across unknown waters wrought with wonders and horrors to the icy wastelands in the far south. Where Kastos hoped to discover if the myth of immortal life was real.

On board the Kella, an old battered Navy Frigate that Kastos obtained, the crew assembled and embarked upon this quest in search of that mysterious realm. However, fate intervenes and throws Kastos a wild card when a beautiful woman is rescued at sea after a devastating storm. She warns Kastos about the old gods who guard the gates. Terrible, malevolent beings who will bar his way?unless he chooses her to help him.

Kastos has to make a choice to either ignore or trust this woman whom he had never met in his life?yet seemed almost familiar to a degree that was frightful.

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