The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea




The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

By Beth Sherman

When Satan Comes to New Jersey …

A quaint coastal community that prides itself on it’s piety, the good people of oceanside Heights shudder collectively at word of the newest fad among local teens: devil worship! Despite rumors that old scratch himself has appeared at their beachside revels, the kids’ late-night antics seem more ditsy than dangerous—until ghostwriter Anne Hardway happens upon the corpse of young, would-be witch Abby Podowski.

All hell breaks loose …

Though a seasoned hand at crime-solving, Anne doesn’t want to touch this case. But when the prime murder suspect—an apprentice witchling and grandniece of an elderly friend—disappears, Anne is pulled, against her better judgment, into an eerie, arcane world of black magic. And before a “witch hunt fever” worthy of Salem infects the Heights, she’s going to unravel the dark web of murderous secrets and lies that surrounds the satanic activities of the Oceanside young—even if there’s the devil to pay.

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