The Dead Past




The Dead Past

By Tom Piccirilli

Welcome to Felicity Grove…

This upstate New York village is as small as it is peaceful. But somehow Jonathan Kendrick’s eccentric grandma Anna always manages to find trouble. Crime, scandal, you name it … this wheel-chair-bound senior citizen is involved. So when the phone rings at 4 AM in Jonathan’s New York City apartment, he knows to expect some kind of dilemma. But Anna’s outdone herself this time. She’s stumbled across a dead body in her trash can.

Praise for Tom Piccirilli’s The Dead Past

“Kendrick is one part Matt Scudder, one part aging Huck Finn, and one part Archie Goodwin … The person who summons him home is not a grizzled, but exasperated chief of police, not a swooning dame in danger—but his own grandmother, who is every bit as snoopy as Miss Marple, and every bit as tart as Joan Rivers… [a] blend of hard-boiled and cozy elements gives the book its wit, warmth and appeal … one of the best written and most enjoyable mysteries I’ve read in a long time.” —Ed Gorman, editor of Mystery Scene

“Tightly written and plotted, Piccirilli’s latest effort gracefully and whimsically navigates through pain, violence, turmoil, and the sundry details of life. At times wisecracking, intense and extreme when necessary, but always driven to find the heart of the matter…” —Pirate Writings magazine

“Piccirilli has got it! Dead Past should give him a vibrant future! Humor, a clear sense of continuity and an unexpected conclusion … Put on a warm coat, boots and a mystery mind and join the characters in this well-written, page-turning, thoroughly satisfying murder mystery.” —Eclectic Book Reviews

“Tom Piccirilli is a genius at characterization.. . His sardonic wit makes The Dead Past a great read… simultaneously mesmerizing, frightening, and poignant … a brilliant whodunit.” —The Midwest Book Review

“Tom Piccirilli has taken us places that few mystery writers are willing to visit, and as long as he finds another dark crevice to explore … he will have a growing legion of brave readers willing to follow him there.” —Mystery News

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