The Dead Genius




The Dead Genius

By Axel Brand

Armand de Trouville is dead. The little genius pioneered a new field, forensic document examination. Thanks to Trouville, forgers and people who write fake wills and stickup men who pass notes to bank cashiers are in jail.

Trouville died of a heart attack at age 68. Or did he? Things don’t add up. There are no heirs, no clues about Trouville’s past, no family. And something is fishy about his death. Lieutenant Joe Sonntag, who head the investigations unit of the Milwaukee Police, has a tough job ahead. He doesn’t know who the little genius was or how he died or whether or not someone killed him. There are plenty of people who would be glad to see him dead. And why did he hide his past?

This is the second of Axel Brand’s mysteries set in 1940s Milwaukee. Axel Brand is a pseudonym for an established novelist working in a different field.

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