The Darker Saints




The Darker Saints

By Brian Hodge

Behind the walls of respectability is a world exploding with crime, sin, and the darkest magic of all. The rain beats down on the hot New Orleans streets. A derelict staggers, no longer a man, but a zombi, a vessel emptied by voodoo sorcery and poured full of another’s will. This is the land of lace curtains and Mardi Gras. This is the world of the bayou and sizzling crawfish and a man in white who can kill at any distance. A storm of corporate greed and cruel vengeance is sweeping through New Orleans, descending on a young advertising executive (Nightlife’s Justin Gray) who fears he may be selling his soul along with brand names, on a weary ex-CIA agent, and on a Caribbean chauffeur on the run from enemies he can’t understand. Two powerful businessmen, one legitimate, the other a criminal, have built a common empire. Now it is coming apart in a tidal wave of bloodshed and shattered lives, flooding the Delta with voodoo…the dark magic of darker saints.

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