The Darker Passions: Dracula




The Darker Passions: Dracula

By Nancy Kilpatrick

Even in Victorian times, Bram Stoker’s vampiric masterpiece was considered a lascivious, sex-ridden tale. Nancy Kilpatrick, the mistress of gothic erotic delights, writing here as Amarantha Knight, has refashioned the story to give modern readers the same shocks and thrills that Stoker’s novel enjoyed. In Knight’s vision, Dracula is a master of the sadistic arts, Lucy and Mina are graduates of a rather severe charm school for young ladies, and even the servants express their deepest desires for the pleasures of the dungeon.

From the realm of legend comes a famous and dreaded seducer and defiler of innocence. His name is Dracula, and no virgin is protected from his unspeakable ravishments. Chills and thrills abound in this wildly sexy spin on one of history’s most alluring and awe-inspiring anti-heroes. Blood pounds as he brings his victims to the unholy ecstasy that will make them his forever.

Review Blurbs:

“A wonderfully written adaptation of the classic cult figure. Delectable indeed.”
Redemption Magazine

“Well-written and imaginative, Amarantha Knight gives fresh impetus to this myth, taking us through the sexual and sadistic scenes with details that keep us reading… A classic in itself has been added to the shelves.”
Divinity Magazine

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