The Daniel Gates Adventures, Vol. 2




The Daniel Gates Adventures, Vol. 2

By Frazer Lee

Together in one volume, the third and fourth novellas in the Daniel Gates Adventures.


“In darkness, truth lies.”

Daniel Gates’ adventure with the ancient demonic tome, Choronzon’s Grimoire, leads him back to an old friend in Turin, Italy. To be rid of the cursed book he must first face his nemesis, the sinister and scheming Baron Perdurabo. But Daniel is transported to the Beyond, and driven to the edge of his sanity, when he discovers a devastating secret behind the obsidian glass of The Lilyth Mirror.


“Speak his name, and enter.”

Reeling from the shock of his adventure with the Lilyth Mirror, Daniel Gates discovers a clue to the truth behind Choronzon’s Grimoire. Pursued by his demons, Daniel must unearth a secret buried at the dark heart of occultism. Daniel’s descent into mystery could be a step closer to redemption—or damnation—by the strange forces lurking beyond The Lucifer Gate.

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