The Dallas Deception




The Dallas Deception

By Richard Abshire

A favor for a friend turns deadly serious when Detective Jack Kyle must capture a killer in the Dallas underworld.

Jack Kyle’s cop friend Eddie needs some help. His first problem: a lurid videotape featuring the daughter of Eddie’s wealthy girlfriend. His second problem: extortion. Jack’s job is to find the blackmailer fast and get the tapes, but a day later the guy is dead and Jack discovers the girl high on drugs, smeared with blood, and with no memory of the crime.

Jack’s search for the real killer leads him through the slick underworlds of designer drugs and Asian youth gangs and into the weird labyrinth of the girl’s family. There he discovers a bizarre experiment gone out of control and a Faustian bargain more terrible than any crime he could ever have imagined.

“Chandler in Dallas! …The real attraction is Abshier’s hero, who is entertainingly cranky, like Marlowe, without being downright misanthropic.” – The Washington Post Book World


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