The Daisy Dilemma




The Daisy Dilemma

A Buzz Cardigan Suspense Novel

By Don Rico


A lot of people wanted Buzz Cardigan. Some of them wanted him dead. Some just plain wanted him—period. The trouble was he couldn’t tell which was which without a scorecard—and he didn’t know who was keeping score.

Cardigan’s reputation as “The Man from Pansy” was solidly established, whether he liked it or not. The gay world was his oyster, and he was perhaps the world’s prize patsy. So he was obviously the agent to find one lost man in a world of losers….

Jebediah Oregon was a top-rank scientist, with knowledge vital to the world’s future and a daisy for a trademark. He was missing. Cardigan had to find him before the enemy did—and his only clue was one lone petal….

Follow Buzz Cardigan in action against the no-holds-barred backdrop of Hipsville, U.S.A. Our guarantee: a laugh—or a scream—on every page… as the worst fiends try to lure him to a camp from which he’ll never return.

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