The Cure


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The Cure

By David Shobin

How far would you go to lose weight and feel sexy? Is it worth your life?

Restore Tabs are sweeping the nation. This miracle drug not only helps women lose weight and feel better, it also increases their sex drive. Restore Tabs are a feminine version of Viagra, and best of all, they’re all-natural. Pioneering herb company Ecolabs sees the pills as the next St. John’s wort, the next ginseng, the next echinacea, and is pulling out all the stops to push the pills on the public.

Steve McClaren is a handsome young doctor who is Ecolabs’ chief spokesperson, and he prescribes their products to many of his patients. But suddenly many of his female patients are getting terribly sick, and he’s struggling to find out why. When all signs point to Restore Tabs, McClaren quickly works to find the truth, while staying just one step ahead of someone who apparently wants him dead.

The author of the New York Times bestseller The Unborn and The Center, Shobin returns with another terrifying medical thriller, ripped from today’s headlines.

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