The Color of Bone




The Color of Bone

By Carol Weekes

Listen the sigh of the wind at your window, to the sound of an unexpected cry in the night, to the scratch of nails at your doorway. Under a rind of moon, see the shadowed face watching your window as both of your gazes meet. Of lonely cemeteries bathed in ethereal shadow where the whisper of pale bone scrapes across soil, and where the lichen-crusted stones of a forgotten well provide the pathway for a monster. From the backdrop of storm-frosted waves of an abandoned camp ground to the arid dust of a war-torn and evil environment, allow the ghosts, monsters, deities, bogeys and ephemeral cars that slink into shadow haunt you in this collection of nineteen frightening tales from the imagination of dark fiction writer, Carol Weekes: The Color of Bone.

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