The Clock Does Not Stop You




The Clock Does Not Stop You

By The Headcases

Edited by Anton Cancre

In this most recent iteration of Words, Unspoken, the annual collection of writing from The Headcases (a high school student writing group), the authors have opted to center the experience around a collaboratively written novella in which you, dear reader, get to play the role of the protagonist and decide your own path through the prose. Will Gronefeld, Sierra Herrington, Alex Ingram, Kate Ingram, Aicha Mouhamed, and Devin Reeve Spielman have laid out weird, twisted and quite astounding yarn chock full of nefarious genies demanding social security numbers, human-machine hybrids, evil doctors, long-lost relatives and more than its fair share of raw deals. Includes bonus flash fiction from each of the authors.

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