The China Doll





By Ronald Kelly

The summer of 1932 was a troublesome one for Jack Alder. His grandmother’s health was fairing poorly, they were having a difficult time making ends meet during the Great Depression, and the town banker was threatening foreclosure on the family farm. The future seemed dismal and help was nowhere in sight. But Grandmama’s faith in God brought renewed hope in the form of a childhood toy lost decades ago in an abandoned cave; an antique toy that could earn enough to drive the wolf from their door. It would take a journey across three rural counties to get them there… as well as trials and tribulations galore. For an elderly woman, an eight-year-old boy, and a teenage girl traveling in a rickety pickup truck, such a quest seemed doomed to fail. Would faith and friendship, desperation and sheer will be enough? Would they be able to reach their prize and. ultimately, their salvation? Would they be able to find Grandmama’s precious china doll in time?

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