The Changeling War




The Changeling War

Book I of the Changeling Saga

By Craig Shaw Gardner

Two worlds.

One teems with life and technology. It is called Earth.

The other is a twisting maze of inter-connected dwellings and empty space. It is called the Castle.

Both worlds know violence. Both know greed. And now, in our time, they are about to meet… May the best world win.

From the powerful imagination of author Craig Shaw Gardner comes the tale of a sixteen-year-old Earth boy who does not yet know he is from another world—a Changeling, switched with a human child when he was still an infant. Nor does he know that he is about to be plunged into a war that will not only determine the future of Earth, his adoptive home, but also the strange world where he was born. Murder and magic. Treachery and terror. It is time to fight The Changeling War.

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