The Boneyard




The Boneyard

By Keith Minnion

There are two realities in the world: the one you know, and the one you hopefully will never know. The Boneyard is that other place, and that is where the bone worms live. Two old men, lost together in The Boneyard when they were just six years old, now find themselves the focus of the wrath and revenge the bone worms have held for them since their escape so many years ago. At the same time, in the same city, a detective sergeant is faced with a succession of gruesome, seemingly sadistic murders that threaten not only his career, but his sanity as well. How these two stories intertwine forms the meat on the bone of The Bone Worms. Watch where you go. Watch how high you go. If you have something The Boneyard wants, they will open a door … and pull you in.

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