The Boarder and Others




The Boarder and Others

By William Rasmussen

Two years ago, Ben & Liz Smith’s only son, Pete, was killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. Shortly thereafter, the Smiths learn that Pete had befriended another young soldier at the base, who was with him when he died. Now that same soldier, Todd Stark, has chosen to finish up his college education at the University of Memphis, and the Smiths decide to take him in as their boarder for his final year.

After Todd’s arrival in Memphis, TN, horrific events begin taking place at the university’s campus. With this grim backdrop to the fall semester, Ben slowly learns that Todd has some very unusual beliefs and pursuits. And he becomes even more concerned when his boarder takes a shine to Alex, his only daughter and Pete’s sister.

What is Todd’s strange agenda? Ben, a retired FBI agent, is determined to find out.

Also include in this collection — So Vain and The Waiting Room.

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