The Blood Kiss




The Blood Kiss

By Dennis Etchison

Following his first two acclaimed collections, The Dark Country and Red Dreams, Etchison’s much-anticipated third volume of
wildly original stories continues to redefine modern horror. From the freeway off-ramps of Los Angeles to the darkest passages of the human heart, these are the visions of a writer whose imagination knows no boundaries.

Published exclusively as a limited-edition hardcover in 1988, this legendary collection of dark fantasy tales is now available for the first time in 25 years.


“Call 666”
“A Nice, Shady Place”
“The Woman In Black”
“A Walk In the Wet”
“The Night of the Eye”
“The Spot”
“The Soft Wall”
“Somebody Like You”
“Home Call”
*”The Olympic Runner”
“The Blood Kiss”

*(British Fantasy Award: Best Short Fiction, 1987)

“Dennis Etchison’s writing is a disturbing marvel.” — Richard Christian Matheson

“Horror’s greatest inconoclast.” — Garrett Peck

“Dennis Etchison is one of the jewels of our field. He has raised the short story — whether it be supernatural, science fiction, psychological suspense, or, most provocatively, an indefinable combination of several or all of these — to a level of high artistry that, among current writers, perhaps only Ramsey Campbell and Thomas Ligotti can match.” — S.T. Joshi

“The finest writer of psychological horror this genre has produced.” — Karl Edward Wagner

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