The Birds and the Bees




The Birds and the Bees

Sèphera Girón

We barely notice them, though they are all around us, flying overhead, singing … or just watching. But lately Gabrielle has been noticing the birds. Especially the mysterious black birds that seem to call to her, to follow her, to dive at her. They stare at her with their soulless, black eyes. Soon incidents with birds begin to appear on the news. People are getting hurt. The birds are out of control. Then Gabrielle notices that bees, too, are becoming more dangerous …

Birds, bees, hornets, wasps … The city is under siege. Nature has run amok. Death hovers in the sky, then swoops down on the unsuspecting in a swarm. How can mankind fight an enemy that numbers in the billions? Could Gabrielle somehow hold the key?

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