The Belhurst Story




The Belhurst Story

By David Sakmyster

On a cliff overlooking Seneca Lake in upstate New York, the Belhurst Castle proudly stands at the site of previous mansions and Indian fortresses, a place riddled with history and fantastic legends. Rumors abound of hauntings, hidden treasure, underground tunnels, and a curse on those who disturb old burial grounds. Eccentric and passionate individuals lived and died here over the centuries. Some, perhaps, have never left.Built originally as a private residence, the Belhurst Castle was transformed into a casino, supper club and speakeasy. Currently, it is an upscale dining establishment with a banquet hall and a luxurious inn. Its history, and the tale of this property, is as richly detailed as its red stone walls and elaborate carved wood interiors. The folklore that has sprung up in the last century, a rich tale of tragically doomed lovers, collapsed escape tunnels and the ghost of a woman in white, have remained an enduring mystery-until now. After extensive research and astounding personal experiences, the truth is revealed and it is stranger than fiction, but altogether compelling.

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