The Beast That Was Max




The Beast That Was Max

By Gerard Houarner

Max walks in two worlds. He resides in the borderland between the world of shadowy government conspiracy and the world of vengeful ghosts and evil gods, between living flesh and supernatural spirits – between life and death. For Max is the ultimate killer, an assassin powered by the Beast, an inner demon that enables him to kill – and to do it incredibly well.

But the Beast inside Max is very real and very much alive. He is all of Max’s dark desires, his murderous impulses, and he won’t ever let Max forget that he exists. The Beast is Max. So it won’t be easy for Max to silence the Beast, though he knows that is what he must do to reclaim his humanity. But without the protection of the Beast, Max the assassin will soon find himself the prey, the target of the spirits of his past victims.

ALSO INCLUDED – a never before published Max novelette : Tree of Shadows – only available in this Crossroad Press digital edition.

–Houarner’s work is great, and I recommend you acquaint yourself with it – Fangoria

–The raw power and depth of Houarner’s imagination combine to give him the ability to truly transform the reader – Dark Echo

–Houarner blends a compelling combination of elements from Clive Barker and Andrew Vacchs – Brian Hodge – Hellnotes.

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