The Bard of Sorcery




The Bard of Sorcery

By Gerard Houarner


When Tralane, an itinerant bard, was captured by the dread Sorcerer King, his only hope lay in stealing the Eye of Wyden. With that powerful amulet, he was able to escape to another variant world.

But he could not so easily escape the destiny that seemed to pursue him. As he fled from world to world, each seemed to offer only greater misery and danger. And now he was stalked by the mocking figure of the Jade Warrior, a mysterious creature who waited patiently for his failure or death.

The final world was that of the Worm-God Wyden, from whom the Eye had been ripped, and the Man of a Thousand Faces, who sought to trap him into an eternity of futile degradation.

In the end, Tralane was forced to flee once more – back to face himself and his unknown beginnings.

SPECIAL BONUS – This digital edition includes the previously unpublished story GHOST SWORD OF THE HEART

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