The Abenda Chronicles




The Abenda Chronicles

By Tara Sutphen

This is volume I of the letters Tara Sutphen has made public over a long journey exploring Automatic writing and the worlds of the spirits. This first volume covers 1992-1997.

From the author’s introduction:

“The Abenda Chronicles have become a reflective journey. I didn’t know when I started exploring Automatic Writing it would lead Abenda and I into being conduits of heaven and earth. I didn’t set out to do anything other than to find a solution to a problem, or to be curious on why I had to know so and so, or had to experience the events that I had either enjoyed or endured. I realize time-honored questions stay relatively the same, although these letters are written generations ago 1992-1996, you will find we worry about many things they were concerned about back then. Often being soul questions with timeless answers. All we want is to skip along our earth-expedition as a thoughtful and pleasant one. But it seems we are to be at a specific somewhere in time with a schedule of destiny. Good or Bad.

These letters were printed publicly, the first pages of allowing the world to see my psychic-medium ability. Abenda and I are still promoting psychic phenomena and supernatural answers. There is quite a track record now as we offer these beginning letters… ”

Love, Joy & Light,
Tara Sutphen

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