Ten of Swords




Ten of Swords

By John Levitt

Jason Coulter, a loner private eye and former cop, is hired to find a missing teenager in Salt Lake City. The girl in question is Monica Gasteau, a serial runaway who, rumor has it, is involved in the occult. Since his only lead is the usual hang-outs of Salt Lake youths, Jason stakes out a well-populated park in the hope of stumbling upon a clue.

But he gets far more than he bargained for.

When he finally spots Monica, all hell breaks loose. Gun shots ring out, leaving two of her friends dead and one seriously injured. A simple missing persons case has quickly transformed into a homicide incident with both the police and the FBI involved and protecting their own interests. Although the obvious answer is racial motivation for the crime, Jason finds deeper connections linking the shootings.

The satanic Church of the Four-Sided Triangle keeps cropping up and with their thirst for ritual sacrifice, Jason is determined to bring them to justice. Urging him forward is a steady stream of information from all angles – his former homicide partner, an FBI agent looking for a leg up, and a tarot card reader who foresees despair as the deadly Ten of Swords card is played. Can he sort the genuine clues from the red herrings before another sacrifice is made?

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