Temporary Hauntings




Temporary Hauntings

Book 2 of the Temporary Magic Series

By Craig Shaw Gardner

The Earth is doomed. A sinister alien race, disguised as giant rotary phones, is planning to blow up the world and sell whatever is left as collectibles!

It’s up to our hero Lenny and his team of paranormal investigators—a ghost hunter, a psychic, a vampire, a werevole, and a pooka named Bob—to save the day. They must survive Yetis, vampire brides, a robot swami, and being shot into the depths of space. But they must succeed, or Earth will be no more!

After all, the firm Lenny and the others work for is Terrifitemps, the temporary employment agency that secretly controls the world. And with the aid of a legendary hero from the agency’s past, our heroes must turn back the alien threat and make our planet safe again.

But can they do it in time?  Or will they be a team without a planet to call their own?

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