Talley’s Truth




Talley’s Truth

By Philip Ross

An American traitor is on the run, before the CIA or the Czechs he was spying for can ask their questions.

The CIA think ex-employee Tom Talley is going to be the key to the answers they need — if they can lure him into the job.

To lure Talley, they lie to him. A simple mission in Austria, the CIA says. Just a check on someone involved in an old case of his. No danger. He can even bring his girlfriend Jane along, have a vacation at CIA expense.

Talley has no way of knowing that the Czechs will do almost anything to get their hands on him.

They know Talley’s going to be the key to the answers they need.

All Talley knows is that someone’s after him — and they’re not going to let Jane go, either.

He has only one chance — to find TALLEY’S TRUTH.

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