Sweet Revenge




Sweet Revenge

By Jean Tennant

Georgia tried to fend him off, but he was too strong … and as he choked the vision from her eyes, something inside her—something strong and vengeful—continued to fight, even as her lifeless body fell to the dirt …

Fifteen-year-old Jessica Callahan was happy to be visiting with her Aunt Mardie at her new, wonderful beach house. She didn’t think much about the creepy history of its previous owner—a promiscuous young woman who’d been strangled by an unknown lover.

Then her aunt’s strange behavior began. It wasn’t like Mardie to suddenly wear heavy makeup, make passes at a friend’s husband, and disappear from midnight to dawn. And when a string of male corpses began to turn up in the area, Jess got an odd feeling …

Was it all a weird coincidence, or was Georgia somehow back … and using Jess’s Aunt Mardie as a helpless pawn in a horrible game of deadly revenge?

(Originally published as written by Jean Simon)

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