By Elizabeth Massie

In the author’s own words: “This is for all who stare into the darkness to better appreciate the light.” Sundown is a collection of stories selected from my (thus far) 26-year career in the field of horror fiction. Some were included in more major publications while others were published by small press anthologies and magazines.” This new collection also includes poetry by the two-time Bram Stoker Award winner and features original cover art by the incomparable Cortney Skinner.

Stories and poems included in this collection:
Into the Encroaching Darkness…and Back Again
M is for the Many Things
The Devil’s Yo-Yo
To Soothe the Savage Beast
The Caretaker
Journal of a Headhunter
Dance of the Spirit Untouched
The Wills and the Way
Come Unto Me
Snow Day
Hide and Go Peek
Something You Need to Know
Spider’s Night Out

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