By Charles D. Taylor

On the still waters of the Mediterranean, a critical peace conference convenes …

It’s an unprecedented moment in modern history: fourteen world leaders have gathered for a secret summit aboard the CALM SEAS, a palatial, high-security yacht. Under the guidance of the U. S. President, and the protection of U. S. Navy SEALs, sworn enemies have agreed to put their differences aside. From the deep, a killer rises … in the storm-tossed Atlantic, a lethal, heavily-armed submarine is seized — and a cunning terrorist plot is silently begun. The frantic warnings of the CIA are too late. Through the Strait of Gibraltar, a brilliant, ruthless commander runs a deadly gauntlet, torpedoes locked on his prize: the CALM SEAS. With deadly precision, the rogue submarine is ready to ignite a conflagration of terror and bloodshed … and to realize a terrorist’s furious dream: to plunge the world into war!

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