Sub Wars: Target Delta V




Sub Wars: Target Delta V

By Hugh G. Nott


U. S. Captain Steve Cooper and Russian Admiral Leonid Gorshin were the very best their countries had to offer the field of nuclear submarines. They were professional. Expert. Confident. In control. But above all, they were rivals. So when the U.S.S.R. manufactured the biggest, sleekest, most advanced submarine to date, Cooper grudgingly phoned his congratulations to Gorshin — in Russian.


The Delta V was the most complex and the most accurate nuclear submarine ever constructed — and the Russians had her. She had the fiercest missiles, the deadliest torpedoes, and the most superior electronics. And just one Delta V could wipe out the entire U.S. defense system.

There was nothing Steve Cooper wanted more than to board the Delta V, learn what made her tick. But if he couldn’t capture her, his mission was to destroy the greatest sub ever made — along with her Soviet commander!

This is the first in a gripping series of submarine warfare.

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