By Charles L. Grant

It happens without warning.

The shadow of the wolf fails on an ordinary man, and death begins to walk within him.

Everyone he hates will die.

The senior class of New Jersey’s Port Richmond High School is busy planning Halloween “stunts”—practical jokes on a town-wide scale. The school’s new principal has outlawed stunts, but that won’t keep Brian Oakland and his friends out of mischief. After all, they’re not planning anything serious, nothing damaging (except to the principal’s reputation).

Others have different ideas. Dominic Pastore’s waited all year for Halloween. His rifle is ready, but Dorn hasn’t decided if he’ll fire blanks or bullets. Rich little Mickie Farwood wants to pull a stunt too, but first must choose between Dorn’s danger and Brian’s innocence.

None of them knows that this Halloween will alter their lives forever.

The shadow of the wolf has fallen on two men. In England, visiting lecturer Evan Kendal flees a murderous madman once his best friend flees for Port Richmond and home. And in Port Richmond, in the woods that surround the town, another killer waits … waits for Halloween, when those he hates will die. At his bidding the whole town will die.

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