Strawberry Man




Strawberry Man

By Eric Shapiro

Ben Klein used to sell his own brand of strawberries, but he’s been out of that racket for quite some time. He much prefers to travel the globe, giving speeches on farming and winning corporate awards. When he ventures into an unnamed metropolis to claim his latest prize, he finds himself stranded on the top floor of one of the world’s tallest buildings.

An epic storm has smashed across the planet, wiping out every creature that wasn’t thousands of feet off the ground. As of now, there is no ground. Through the windows of the famous Peak Restaurant, Klein and three young servers watch the water grow higher. And the higher it gets, the more they panic… and the more truth Klein shares about his violent past.

Strawberry Man is a surrealistic vision of a drowning skyscraper, a view of bald nature at war with corporate ambition, and a look at a man who finally faces the raging nature within himself.

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