Strange Roads




Strange Roads

By Steven Lloyd

Steven Lloyd has brought together his most acclaimed stories in one collection. Strange Roads includes: The Wooden Box, When Darkness Falls, Brothers, Where There Be Dragons, The Wallet, The Fight of the Century and an excerpt from his forthcoming novel Dogwood Summer. Also includes an introduction by John Paul Allen and interviews with the author.



“Naked Snake Press published When Darkness Falls by Steven Lloyd, about an elderly man who tells his grandson a frightening story about his youth—only some of which is true. The truth is much more horrifying.” —Ellen Datlow

“Steven Lloyd’s When Darkness Falls showcases an original take on the idea of serial killing and supernatural revenge. Lloyd crafts some creepy mojo from the get-go and never lets up.” —Bryan Smith, author of House of Blood and Deathbringer

“Creepy stuff! A wild ride indeed…call me a big fan, ‘cause I look forward to reading this guy for years to come… —James Newman (Midnight Rain, Holy Rollers) (For “When Darkness Fall”)

“A genuinely creepy trip to the dark side. Read it at night with the lights down low, and feel the chill.” —Bill Crider, author of Keepers of The Beast. (For “When Darkness Fall”)

“The best horror stories are those that rip out human emotions and place them under a microscope for closer inspection. In ‘The Wooden Box,’ Steven Lloyd takes a hard look at love and death without relying on the supernatural to create a sense of foreboding and dread. Instead, the ghosts in this story are the memories of better days as a husband gives one final gift to his dying wife. At times both touching and disturbing, ‘The Wooden Box’ is a gripping story that builds to an unsettling conclusion.” —Jason Brannon

“Fascinating!” —T.M. Wright, author of The Strange Seed, Blue Canoe, and The House on Orchid Street (For “The Wooden Box”)

“‘The Wooden Box’ is as excruciating as it is uplifting. It’s a simple parable, but it packs a strong punch.” —The Horror Drive-In

“‘The Wooden Box’ is powerful, tough, and tender. Read it and see what I mean.” —Bill Crider

“A beautiful story.” —Kealan Patrick Burke (For “The Wooden Box”)

Strange Roads

“An incredible Writer.” —Ronald Kelly (For “The Wooden Box”)

“Full of well-developed characters, sharp twists and turns, and a compelling story, I think that if you dig horror, you’ll dig this book. Don’t pass it up.” —Eric S. Brown

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