Star Axe




Star Axe

By Duncan McGeary

Kenlahar, the scorned and outcast apprentice healer of the House of Lahar, was the reluctant heir to the ancient and powerful Star Axe. His possession of the Axe brought the black forces of Toraq, the evil sorcerer King, down upon himself and his homeland.

Kenlahar fled for his life and took a few companions with him, including Balor, his warrior friend, and Sanra, his beautiful woman. They set off toward the Kingdom of Kernback to seek the answer to the secret of the Star Axe, but Toraq and his skeletal horde were close behind.

Kenlahar’s vows as a healer were never to shed the blood of another man, but when Toraq confronted Kenlahar and his companions, the fantastic power of the Star Axe was finally unleashed!

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