Son of Tall Eagle




Son of Tall Eagle

By John R. Fultz

Ispiris, the Land Beyond the Sun: A realm of colossal forests, mysterious creatures, and chromatic skies. Twenty-two years ago Tall Eagle led his long-suffering people to salvation in this strange new world. Now the red specter of war rises again and Kai, Son of Tall Eagle, fights to preserve the fragile peace between his tribe and the barbaric Horse People known as the Sesthi. Defying both Kai and the wisdom of tribal elders, the warrior known as Red Knife seeks to revive the lost traditions of the warpath–even if it means leading his people to destruction. As these rivals confront one another to determine their tribe’s destiny, the Sesthi also return to their ancient customs of sacrifice and sorcery. Athri, the Warlord’s Daughter, accompanies Kai into the Herdlands to face the Sesthi Lord and his scheming sorceress queen. Something terrible lingers in the deeps of the Tall Wood, a monstrous darkness ready to be set free by blood, hate, and ancient Sesthi magic…

The epic saga of The People began in THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE. It continues now in SON OF TALL EAGLE.

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