Something’s Waiting




Something’s Watching

By Charles L. Grant


At first it seems like an ordinary street in an ordinary neighborhood. But kids sense there’s something different about Midnight Place. It’s nothing tangible—just an eerie sensation that won’t go away. Walk down the street, a street like Midnight Place, and all too soon the terror is real.

Fifteen-year-old Tara Fraiser is scared. Lately it seems that everyone she is close to has been the victim of a mugging. The victims never see their attacker, but strangely enough they all remember the eerie tune he whistles. What scares Tara even more is that she recognizes the tune—her dad had mesmerized her as a child with tales of an evil, whistling monster named Old Beithir. Tara is afraid that she’s next. How can she protect herself from this evil creature?

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