Sol’s Song




Sol’s Song

By Janet Berliner

Berlin, 1922. World War I is over. Most of the world enjoys peace and prosperity, but Germany suffers. People dine on cats and dogs. German money is rapidly becoming worthless.

Amid the problems, two boys–Solomon Freund, Jewish, and Erich Weisser, Catholic–declare themselves “brothers in blood.” But as their friendship grows, so does Hitler’s power over the German people.

Their friendship is tested. They like the same girl, the niece of the Foreign Minister. They must face the growing anti-Jewish feelings of their countrymen. And they must cope with personal problems: Erich is able to read dogs’ minds, but also feels their pain. Sol becomes possessed by a dybbuk, a wandering soul that brings terrifying nightmares.

Sol’s Song is an exciting story of friendship and emotional survival in terrible times.

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