Snowcastles & Icetowers




Snowcastles & Icetowers

By Duncan McGeary


Prince Greylock, the last surviving heir to the throne of the High Plateau, is banished from his frozen mountain homeland of Godshome by his uncle, the Tyrant. Determined to gain the kingdom that is rightfully his, Greylock descends into the dreaded Gateway to the Underworld, and the clammy caves of cursed demons, to gather allies and win back his inheritance. But his uncle’s vicious steward, the evil magician Redfrock, will not rest until the bloodline is terminated with Greylock’s death. Greylock meets and bonds with Moag, a traveling Fire-Wizard, and the lovely Mara. Together thy plunge into the mysterious Twilight Dells to escape Redfrock’s pursuit. It is there, in the Dells, that Greylock discovers his true destiny and faces his greatest challenge!


After a long struggle, Greylock finally gained the throne of the newly discovered glacial kingdom of Godshome. To all who helped him, he gave gifts of the precious metal, glyden. But the Underworlders, headed by the crafty Mayor Tarleton and villainous Redfrock, were greedy for more. And the hidden tunnels of glyden, with their ancient hand-carved corridors, made Greylock the prized prey for other would-be conquerors. Greylock was haunted nightly by the demon voices of the Wyrrs, and was terrorized by assassination attempts. Faced with formidable enemies and the threat of an earthquake that could destroy the icetowers, Greylock undertakes a long and hazardous adventure to save his snow-covered realm!

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