Small Felonies




Small Felonies

By Bill Pronzini

This is a collection of fifty short stories by veteran mystery and crime writer Bill Pronzini, best known as fhe creator of ‘The Nameless Detective’ series. This collection crosses over a broad range of styles and characters, settings and plots, showing the breadth and depth of Pronzini’s prodigious talent. Included are murders, swindles, double-crosses, crazed children, and much, much more. Contents include:

A Cold Foggy Day / A Dip in the Poole / Something Wrong (A “Nameless Detective” Story) / The Imperfect Crime / Shell Game with Jeffrey M. Wallmann) / Sweet Fever / Perfect Timing / Dear Poisoner / Thirst / Skeletons / The Same Old Grind / His Name Was Legion / The Dispatching of George Ferris / Little Lamb / Once a Thief (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann) / Under the Skin / Changes / The Storm Tunnel / Defect / The Clincher / The Facsimile Shop (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann) / Waiting, Waiting… / Peekaboo / Words Do Not A Book Make / Incident in a Neighborhood Tavern (A “Nameless Detective” Story) / The Terrarium / On Guard! (with Michael Kurland) / Memento Mori / A Little Larceny / Mrs. Rakubian / Toy / House Call (with Jeffrey M. / Wallmann) / Deathwatch / Outrageous / Muggers’ Moon / Hero (A Tale of the Old West) / The Man Who Collected “The Shadow” / For Love / Unchained / Tiger, Tiger (with John Lutz) / Here Lies Another Blackmailer / Buttermilk / Retirement / One of Those Days / Don’t Spend It All in One Place / Cache and Carry (A “Nameless Detective”/Sharon McCone Story, with Marcia Muller) / The Killing / Black Wind / A Case for Quiet (with Jeffrey M. Wallmann) / Whodunit

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