Sisterbaby’s Monkey




Sisterbaby’s Monkey

By Charles Colley

Jesse Mayo has had voices and visions in her head since she was a child, working at Clipper Mill, in Hampden, just outside Baltimore. In 1907 she watches her father fall to his death, all in a dream, then begins hearing his cries and others from beyond the grave, deep within her mind. By 1979, she is old and frail, and must respond to one voice that demands answers. This voice, of all the ones that have plagued her over years, is the one that went silent when she wanted to hear it the most. Now that they once again commune, mind-to-mind, the old woman is afraid the process will kill her, but she must persevere even if it does. Her husband, Jim McPherson, has lived with this challenge for sixty years, holding his wife during uncontrollable fits of possession, as she rails at a voice only she can hear. Now, in their last days, she asks him to trust her, to do what she asks before it is too late. He acquiesces, determined to help her, to save her life, even if only for the short time they have left together on this earth. He must identify this voice deep within his wife’s mind and placate it, crush it, or do whatever it takes to save her. In this process, he is sucked into a vortex of mind-control and dreams so real that he may die before he awakes, before he can save his Jesse. If you like historical adventure with lots of action, if you ever smelled, touched and tasted using only your memory, if you ever awoke with a dream imprinted upon your retinas that was so real, you weren’t sure where or when you were, if you ever coveted the love in an old couple’s eyes, if you want to believe in life and love beyond death, you will like SISTERBABY’S MONKEY.

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