Shrouds of Darkness




Shrouds of Darkness

Brooklyn Shadows Book #1

By Brock E. Deskins

Brooklyn is home to thousands of drug dealers, murderers, rapists, thieves, gang bangers, and mafia. There are also some really unpleasant people—like me.

My name is Leo Malone, and I’m a vampire.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for nearly a century, and I’ve grown to like the place. I used to be a sheriff; the law enforcement within the vampire enclave. I got fired a few years back for being too violent, and that’s saying something when your primary duty is to cut the head off some vampire for stepping out of line.

So now I do other things.

Officially, I’m a private investigator. Unofficially, I take out the trash when it’s too nasty leave on the curb.

Anyway, a hot mutt (half-werewolf) and her brother hire me to find their father after he doesn’t come home. But even playing dogcatcher for a rabid werewolf running amok and tearing apart the populace is a simple job compared to the giant conspiracy pile I step in trying to find him.

Now, not only do I have to track down a creature capable of turning me into a chew toy if I’m not careful, I have an untold number of my own kind out for my head. That’s why I live by the motto “do unto others before they do unto you,” and I’m damn good at doing unto others.

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