Short of a Picnic




Short of a Picnic

By Eric Shapiro

12 short stories about 12 different characters grappling with varied forms of mental illness. At turns sensitive, scary, humorous, intense, and provocative, Eric Shapiro’s “Short of a Picnic” tours the landscape of troubled minds in contemporary culture.

Stories and topics included in this collection:
Carl (schizophrenia)
something real (paraphilias)
undivided attention (attention deficit disorder)
dope and veins (addiction)
two hermits (multiple personality disorder)
he brushed his teeth (obsessive-compulsive disorder)
these people (social anxiety disorder)
clicks and whistles (Alzheimer’s disease)
my safe room (manic depression)
x- (Tourette’s syndrome)
something else (anorexia)
grandpa addresses the boy (depression)

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