By Thomas Tessier

Beware the Blade…

Jackie is lost. A college student stuck in a loveless marriage, she feels she cannot escape the monotony of her life.

Then along comes Brooks, a mysterious but successful lawyer with political ambitions. He’s passionate, a true lover.

But someone else has come to town.

Brooks, Jackie discovers, is tracking a serial killer known as The Blade, whose victims are exclusively teenage girls.

The killer is on a rampage, pursuing several women. Soon, many turn up dead – brutally murdered by the Blade.

As he goes on however, he begins to get carried away with the killings and makes mistakes.

Soon, the situation rises above boiling point. As Jackie has a confusing encounter with the man who appears to be the murderer, she is forced to decide:

With the intensity of both the murders and her relationship hotting up, will she be able to keep her head?

Will she be able to control herself?

Or will the Blade add Jackie’s name to his list?

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